Aquaculture System Technologies

Promoting Nitrification

GES aquaculture system technologies are used successfully in commercial aquaculture worldwide, primarily to promote nitrification. GES aquaculture system technologies include:

  • hatcheries
  • inland freshwater or saltwater aquaculture, both extensive and intensive systems
  • shrimp farming
  • aquariums

GES aquaculture system technologies are primarily intended to improve nitrification (converting toxic ammonia to less toxic nitrite to even less toxic nitrate). Proper use of GES aquaculture products also reduces nitrate build up.

While nitrification is often a primary emphasis, GES aquaculture products also digest organic buildup from food and fecal matter, remove soluble organic pollutants and help feed conversion ratio through overall improved fish health.

Successful commercial aquaculture involves raising the maximum number of healthy on-flavor fish in confined systems. Increasing fish density causes potential problems of ammonia, nitrite toxicity and sludge build-up and thus the need for nitrification.

GES aquaculture system technologies advantages:

  • Decreased fish mortality
  • Increased average fish yield
  • Reduced “off flavor”
  • Improved aquatic environment
  • Improved nitrification

Two major advantages of GES aquaculture system technologies are:

  • Improved nitrification
  • Reduced organic sludge build-up


Nitrification converts ammonia to nitrate. Nitrification is a two-step process. Ammonia is converted to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate. Both are toxic to aquatic animals making nitrification one of the most important biological processes in an aquatic system. GES aquaculture system technologies include the bacteria nitrosomonas and nitrobacter which are critical components of biological nitrification.

Sludge Digestion

Sludge accumulation results from excess feed and fecal matter. Sludge build-up leads to anaerobic zones, which typically harbor pathogens and may cause off-flavor in fish. GES aquaculture system technologies contain bacteria that digest sludge and other organic materials. This dramatically improves overall water quality and minimizes off-flavor and disease.

Aquaculture System Components

  • LLMO N-1, concentrated, bacterial culture. 100% live bacteria. Effective against nitrogen phosphorous and organic accumulations.
  • LLMO S-1, concentrated, bacterial culture. 100% live bacteria. Effective against organic sediments.
  • LLMO Activator, powdered blend of proprietary bacterial nutrients. Supports optimal growth of all LLMO bacteria.
  • Powdered Nitrifier Activator, proprietary formulation of specialized bacterial nutrients for enhancing nitrification
  • On-Site Prep Equipment, size of system determined by the aquaculture system. GES distributors and agents are trained to use our aquaculture dose charts to specify how much product is needed, the exact product mix, the preparation equipment, and dosing frequency.